Spronic Water Recipe

Spronic Water.
Looking for your new favourite Summer espresso beverage?
Espresso and Tonic. Hence the name "Spro-nic".
This is an easy recipe that anyone can make, and everyone will love.
  • Tonic Water
  • Ice
  • Fresh Lime
  • Espresso!
  • Sweetener (Optional)
1. Pour 150-250ml of Tonic water over ice. (Depending on desired strength).
2. Add fresh lime juice to taste. Don't skimp on the lime! This part is crucial. (Lime can be substituted for Orange, Lemon or any other citrus!)
3. Brew Espresso. Brew a 1:2 Ratio. (For example, 16 grams of coffee should yield 32 grams of espresso.)
4. Slowly pour the espresso over the tonic. (Take your time! It will get MESSY!)
5. Add a tsp of honey as a sweetener or any of your favourite sweeteners. (Optional)
Adjust the Tonic to the desired strength.
So, did you enjoy it? If you did be sure to post it on your instagram story and tag me!

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